Ann Hayden

Ann Hayden began her career in advertising in Manhattan, and ended up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, to paint full-time. Most of her inspiration comes from the property which she and her husband own, on the point between Nassawadox Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. Among other subjects, Ann is very interested in the bird-life which surrounds them.
The artist says, about her work - “I like to capture the sculptural quality of birds, make them monumental, larger than life. My paintings are less about the details of each species, more about the feelings I experience in their wake. Feelings like power, stealth, or aching vulnerability. Since even the most common birds are in decline, it's important to me that my paintings evoke a heightened awareness in viewers.”

Floral II             Oil.
Still Life              Oil.
Floral I              Oil.
Crow I.    Oil.