Ann Jones 

The joy of building with slabs of clay has been a recent addition to my post-retirement endeavors. Although starting with pots thrown on a wheel, I was soon drawn to the possibilities of building boxes, baking pans, vases and other items using rolled slabs of stoneware and porcelain clay. Decades of joyful times gardening, decorating, baking and sewing have found their way into my work. It's true that boxes help you organize your world and I love them for that -  but they also have to be pretty - or even a bit funky - when built in my studio. All the things I create are ones I'd like in our home. Flowers are more beautiful in a hand made vase and bread is insanely delicious when baked in a clay pan.

I have been fortunate to study at the Penland School of Crafts, using a number of mediums and firing techniques. I look forward to many years of expanding my techniques and designs in the world of pottery. 

'Molly Pots'     small clay vessels