Barbara Hennig-Loomis

Before coming to the easel regularly, I have worked as a writer, editor, a museum adminstrator, teacher and illustrator. Presently, in addition to my studio work, I am also employed as an instructor at a community college. My current focus at the easel is on exploring the reflective qualities and the subtle tonal scales of silverpoint, and the transparency of oil paint.  I like to paint things that are close at hand, and draw what is closer yet.   I am always looking for the interstices where ordinary things shift and become something extraordinary and work to capture that shift. 
     Usually there's a portrait on an easel in the studio as well - I enjoy the challenge of portraiture and its collaborative nature.  In painting them, I am guided by the principle that much is revealed about a subject in the casual parenthesis and that life is a rich pageant.

Italians             Oil.
Rainshaft Nottingham Ridge             Oil.
Rose Fish                     Oil.