Beverly Perdue AWS, TWSA


Beverly Perdue has been painting watercolors for the past twenty-five years, enjoying painting “en plein air”, which means 'in the open air'. This allowed the artist to paint in many wonderful regions such as; New Mexico, Arizona, Mohegan Island Maine, Arizona, Province France, Grand Mayan Island in New Brunswick, Tuscany Italy, Anquilla Island in the Caribbean and more.


Beverly is represented in National and International galleries. She has been published in Artist Magazine, American Artist Magazine, and “Best of Watercolor Painting Texture” by Rockport publications. She has won National and International acclaim for her painting and was sighted as a “rising watercolor star” by Artist Magazine.


“Painting in the natural light of a fabulous place is magical. The light is what I try to interpret, a mood for the viewer to translate. This is my goal in painting. I search for something through painting which is meaningful to me and then hopefully, someone else will connect with it as well. I invite viewers to experience my paintings in a direct way, with their own interpretation. I create art because it is my voice. What you hear is up to you- your interpretation. 


Art is not what you see but what you make others see.”  -  Beverly Perdue

Chicks and Laundry                Watercolor on Paper

Wachapreague                       Watercolor on Paper

Bayford Seafood      Water     Watercolor on Paper