Karen Kinser

Karen Wagner Kinser has a background in fine art, art history and graphic design. She received a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida, Gainesville - and spent 20 years in the 'advertising world' as an art director, before returning to her first loves - drawing and painting.
Kinser's most familiar subjects - Women at contemplative 'work'.

Lively oil paintings of Fruit, Vegetables and Floral subjects - all singing with color and movement

fill Kinser's art studio at present. The artist's hobby orchard and vegetable garden provide most of the inspiration for her new work.

Wild Turnip #1
Wild Turnip #1                                  Oil on linen
Shadow Floral                          Oil on linen.
Apple Tumble                              Oil on panel
Tangerine Tumble                         Oil on linen
Kinser - Patriotic Radishes.jpeg
4th of July Radish Group               Oil on Linen

Kinser Portrait Examples.
Oil Portraits painted from photos taken by artist -  in private photo session.
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Karen Kinser has always been intrigued with human nature and expression. They say that the 'eyes are the window to the soul'. And that is the aim of this artist . . .
to capture a bit of the essence of a person.

'My goal is to create a painting that can 'stand on its own' as a work of art.  I am not content to merely capture the likeness of the subject'.  


                                            -- Karen Kinser