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Karen Kinser


Karen Wagner Kinser has a background in fine art, art history and graphic design. She received a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida, Gainesville - and spent 20 years in the 'advertising world' as an art director, before returning to her first loves - drawing and painting.

Lively oil paintings of Fruit, Vegetables and Floral subjects - all singing with color and movement - fill Kinser's art studio at present. The artist's hobby orchard and vegetable garden provide most of the inspiration for her most recent work. 

Playful.Parsnips-24x8 6.2MB.jpeg

Playful Parsnips
Oil on canvas
24 x 8

7 Avocados
Oil on Linen, mounted on panel
10 x 10

5 Pears in Conversation
Oil on Linen
24 x 30 

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