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Lois Engberg


Lois Engberg paints with oils in the alla prima style and is best known for her floral still lifes. Her earliest influence came from her artist mother, who instilled a love of painting and gardening from an early age. The garden's vast array of colors and textures offers endless inspiration. Many of her works are characterized by her careful choreography of exquisite flowers accented with objects from her unique personal collection. 

Painting from life, Lois sets up still life arrangements in her studio and works quickly to capture the delicacy of the flowers before they fade. Balancing the freshness of quick bold strokes while still achieving the intricacy of each bloom is a skill that has taken years to accomplish. 

Lois Engberg earned her Liberal Arts Degree from Salisbury University in 1981, and has devoted herself to painting full time since 1996.  She enjoys painting in plein air, drawing much inspiration from the scenic Delmarva Peninsula, as well as from her travels abroad.

The artist currently paints in her Salisbury, MD studio. Her work is included in private collections throughout the U.S. and she is represented by respected east coast galleries.

Morning Marsh          Oil

ENBERG-Lois A_edited.png

Seagulls and Surf           Oil

ENBERG-Lois E_edited.png

Daffodils                                       Oil

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